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JVK INC which is set up since 2000 is a famous faucets manufacturing factory, . more than 20 years on faucets field. From the gravity die casting, cutting, polishing to assembly, we have a complete skilled process. Our workers almost have 5-6 years on their job, some professional workers have more than 10 years experience. 100 employees, and 35000 cubic meter factory areas, 1 million capacity annual. 2 lines producing lines etc. For products, we have a strict quality control line which includes a lots of testing machine ;and QC staff make sure all each product is good quality. Besides, we have technical department and professional sales team, which can ensure all the producing process is going smooth. Company Introduction: ; 20 year professional in faucets manufacturing, almost cover all kinds of sanitary wares. Good quality product (quality guarantee), skilled workers and ;strict quality control system. Intact technical R & D department ;a experienced sales team and good after-service support. Company History: Factory Exhibition: From the gravity casting to assembling process, all process are finished by skilled workers. Professional Equipment: Company Honor: ; We have BSCI, ISO, CQC etc, if customer need, we can do the other certification. ; Sales Network: Covering Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Russia, Croatia, Poland and other countries in Europe, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and the other countries in South Africa, as well as the Middle East & Africa.
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  • Design Design

    JVK INC has dependent design department, our technical can make drawings like picture, 3D etc. Also if you have any idea, our technicals can assist with you to make it happen, also some professional advise can be given.

  • high quality products high quality products

    Every faucet has 3 years quality guarantee at least, if you need, we can make 5 year quality guarantee faucet by strengthen the products, while price will be higher. Anyway, all brass we use is German standard one.

  • ISO 9001 ISO 9001

    JVK INC has pass many other certification test, so does BSCI factory audit. If you need, we can pass other certifications while cost will be at your charge. We can guarantee our products.

  • outstanding service outstanding service

    JVK INC has a professional salesteam, and any after-service, our salesman will assist with you. Any troubles, we will give our hands and try our best to solve them.

Why Choose JVK INC

We have more than 20-year exprience on faucets manufacturing, products range from kitchen faucets, bath & shower faucets, basin faucets and other supported products. Every faucet has gone through strict inspection, 3-year quality guarantee is a must.

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Here will post some hot products for our customer reference. Products range from kitchen mixer faucets, basin mixer faucets, bath & shower water taps etc. Plz take a look.

Latest News

There is some news concerning faucets or JVK INC, we'll update any information about kitchen faucets, basin faucets, bath & shower faucets. Also any field about faucet will be shown on this page.

Anual Fire Safty Trainning
May 14, 2022 Anual Fire Safty Trainning
Each year, JVK will response the national policy to learn fire safty trainning as usual. With reagrding to fire safety, i won't declain the importance of fire safty, this is more important to factory, like us, a faucet manufacturing factory. As usual, the lecturer, in white uniform, coming from fire administration, talked about the importance of fire saftety, and then tell us the different kinds of fire extinguisher, and some mistakes on using by ppt and videos. Our workers pay attention to the lecture, especially some points about factory fire. Because of epidemic preventions, only part of workers wearing masks attend the class each time. As above pics shown, started from office staff. After nearly 40 minutes lecturing, we're more familiar with fire safety and our staff will apply them into daily life. More importantly, it can help our factory eliminate possible fire risk and follow the national policy to become a responsible factory.
Some guide about types of shower
Apr 08, 2022 Some guide about types of shower
Consider what water system you have If you have a gravity water system, such as a fume hood or a hot water tank in an attic, your water pressure will usually be lower. Adding a water pump to the shower will help increase the pressure. If you have a combined boiler or a ventless cylinder, you can opt for a high pressure shower system. Choose one style of shower Is your bathroom more modern or classic? Modern showers feature a minimalist design with clean lines and angular forms for an eye-catching look. Pair your contemporary shower with a square shower head for this sleek look.  If your bathroom design is more classic, a traditional shower like the iflo Kidlington, Heritage Dawlish or Bristan Trinity shower will be the perfect statement, featuring a rain-can shower head and timeless levers that are a period The perfect addition to the property. Choose one Type of Shower 1. concealed shower "Concealed" refers to the way the shower valve is mounted on the wall. The working parts of a concealed valve are hidden behind a wall and only the controls are visible. Concealed showers, such as the iflo Abingdon, are a great choice for modern and contemporary bathrooms as they offer a clean, minimalist look. 2. Exposed and bar valve showers The exposed shower sets valve is mounted on the shower wall. Bar valves are exposed valves that provide both hot and cold water. Watch out for features like cool touch because the valve doesn't get hot, which is great for a family bathroom. Usually like thermostatic shower valve, it also belong to this type. 3. Electric shower Electric showers like Mira Galena are heated by passing cold water through an electric heating element, which is a great option for bathrooms that don't have a hot water supply. When shopping for an electric shower, be sure to check its wattage to make sure it fits your needs. 4. Digital shower Digital showers use digital technology to control temperature and flow. The shower can be controlled by the unit itself, or by a remote control or smartphone. Perfect for those days when you want to get your shower hot right out of bed.
How to choose the best sensor faucet for your commercial project
Mar 30, 2022 How to choose the best sensor faucet for your commercial project
Selecting China motion sensor bathroom faucets for Projects Sensor faucets used in restaurants, hotels, and other public spaces must be designed for commercial use and should withstand heavy wear and tear. At Bathselect, we offer a wide selection of motion sensor faucets for restaurants and related sinks, and you can choose from different models and finishes based on your specific project needs and application. Choosing the right faucet for your sink can turn your sink into a better workstation. We offer a complete line of commercial China motion faucets to meet the needs of most commercial, industrial or residential projects and applications. Whether your application is institutional, academic, medical or residential, you can choose the right hands-free faucet for your needs. Our complete single handle range is even easier to achieve, plus we also offer gooseneck commercial China automatic sensor faucet supplier designed to withstand the harshest environments and get the job done every time! We also offer a full range of deck mount, tailgate, gooseneck, AC and DC powered sensor faucets. Sensor options for lavatory products include deck mount single hole or dual hole option mounts. All commercial faucets just produced are ANSI A112 compliant. 18.1 and ADA Compliance.
How does China touchless motion activated sensor faucet work?
Mar 23, 2022 How does China touchless motion activated sensor faucet work?
A touchless faucet is a magic faucet. It really is a technological marvel. You will be amazed when you know how touchless faucets work. Automatic kitchen faucets or touchless faucets are convenient and enhance hygiene. Read on for more details on touchless faucets. What is a touchless faucet? Touchless faucets use active infrared sensor technology that allows you to initiate water flow without touching the faucet. Instead, just put your hand in front of the sensor to start the water flow, and when you remove your hand, the water will stop. What's even more exciting is that most touchless faucets are designed to be sleek and elegant, and fit in any vanity, sink or restroom, from classic to modern. 5 parts of an touchless sensor motion faucet Touchless faucets use active infrared sensor technology that allows you to initiate water flow without touching the faucet. Instead, just put your hand in front of the sensor to start the water flow, and when you remove your hand, the water will stop. What's even more exciting is that most touchless faucets are designed to be sleek and elegant, and fit in any vanity, sink or restroom, from classic to modern. 1. Sensor Unit As the most important part, the sensor's job is to relay the signal to the valve to open the faucet when it detects your hand. Its job is to tell the valve when to start or stop flow, depending on the presence or absence of the hand. It has infrared or ultrasonic sensors. In most cases, the infrared sensor is usually placed on top of the spout. So what about infrared light and ultrasonic field sensors? When your hand is close to the spout, infrared light is reflected to the infrared detector. The valve will immediately receive a positive signal to open the faucet. in ultrasonic field sensors. When your hand moves to interfere with the sensor, water flows from the faucet. In the same way, when you lift the blockade, the flow stops. Active infrared non-contact sensors use the emission and reception of infrared beams to detect the presence and/or movement of objects or people within their detection area. This technology is ideal for applications that require long, narrow detection ranges. A microwave sensor or Doppler sensor detects motion within its detection range by the frequency of the electromagnetic microwaves it emits. Even if the sensors are behind solid materials, they can detect from several meters away. However, infrared sensor touchless faucets are the most common type on the market. 2. Solenoid Valve The positive or negative signal from the sensor controls the solenoid valve. The polarity of the signal determines whether the solenoid will perform a pull or push action. These valves control the flow of water by using a rubber-like disc. When there is no signal, the valve closes, which means no water is flowing through the faucet. If there is a hand, a positive signal will be sent to the solenoid, causing it to pull the valve, causing the water to flow open. When the hand is out, the...
Apart from concealed shower set, how to buy a good kitchen faucet
Mar 09, 2022 Apart from concealed shower set, how to buy a good kitchen faucet
There are plenty of options for just about any kitchen faucet configuration, so if you don't narrow down your preferences ahead of time, the choices can seem overwhelming. The Kitchen Faucet Buying Guide helps take some of the guesswork out of finding the best faucet for your kitchen sink. Check the hole in the kitchen sink first If you're buying a new faucet for an existing sink or even one that hasn't been installed, it's all about the sink's faucet holes. For a typical deck kitchen faucet, the number of faucet holes in the sink can serve as a guide for the type of faucet that will fit the sink. For example, a sink has two mounting holes, 8 inches apart from center to center, designed for faucet assemblies that fit in those holes. In many cases, if you prefer a different faucet configuration, you can still make modifications, as long as it doesn't require adding holes to the sink, which could damage the sink. If there are more faucet holes in the sink than you need, those extra holes can be covered with a cover plate, base plate, or faucet hole cover. Common domain name format. custom concealed shower set These plates or lids come in many sizes and styles, so choose an option that fits your sink and ideal faucet. If shopping at a brick-and-mortar store, it can be helpful to purchase both the faucet and deck board to ensure the finishes match. If your sink doesn't have a hole for a faucet, that means you're free to choose a deck- or wall-mounted faucet. Deck-mounted faucets stand vertically and are installed on the countertop behind the sink (or over the sink if the horizontal rear edge of the sink has holes). There are no faucet holes in the sink, and you are free to choose any type or configuration of deck-mounted faucet. While deck kitchen faucets are common, they do have some drawbacks. It takes up countertop space behind the sink, so there must be plenty of space between the back of the sink and the wall or window behind it. Countertops must be drilled to fit the plumbing of your chosen faucet, which can prove difficult even with problematic stone countertops such as granite. If there is only a small space between the installed faucet and the wall behind the sink, it can be difficult to clean thoroughly. The wall-mounted faucet protrudes from the wall behind the sink, which makes cleaning the area behind the sink easier because the faucet hardware doesn't get in the way of cleaning.custom concealed bathroom shower set On the other hand, installing a wall-mounted faucet is a bit more complicated than a deck-mounted faucet and may require cutting the wall and hiring a plumber to run or rearrange the hot and cold pipes to run through the wall. If the backsplash is already in place, you'll also have to drill through it, which can be difficult or cause some damage when handling the stone or tile. You must also choose a faucet of the right size and height so that its head is 8 to 10 inches above the countertop and at least 7 inches from the back ...
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