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JVK INC which is set up since 2000 is a famous faucets manufacturing factory, . more than 20 years on faucets field. From the gravity die casting, cutting, polishing to assembly, we have a complete skilled process. Our workers almost have 5-6 years on their job, some professional workers have more than 10 years experience. 100 employees, and 35000 cubic meter factory areas, 1 million capacity annual. 2 lines producing lines etc. For products, we have a strict quality control line which includes a lots of testing machine ;and QC staff make sure all each product is good quality. Besides, we have technical department and professional sales team, which can ensure all the producing process is going smooth. Company Introduction: ; 20 year professional in faucets manufacturing, almost cover all kinds of sanitary wares. Good quality product (quality guarantee), skilled workers and ;strict quality control system. Intact technical R & D department ;a experienced sales team and good after-service support. Company History: Factory Exhibition: From the gravity casting to assembling process, all process are finished by skilled workers. Professional Equipment: Company Honor: ; We have BSCI, ISO, CQC etc, if customer need, we can do the other certification. ; Sales Network: Covering Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Russia, Croatia, Poland and other countries in Europe, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and the other countries in South Africa, as well as the Middle East & Africa.
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  • Design Design

    JVK INC has dependent design department, our technical can make drawings like picture, 3D etc. Also if you have any idea, our technicals can assist with you to make it happen, also some professional advise can be given.

  • high quality products high quality products

    Every faucet has 3 years quality guarantee at least, if you need, we can make 5 year quality guarantee faucet by strengthen the products, while price will be higher. Anyway, all brass we use is German standard one.

  • ISO 9001 ISO 9001

    JVK INC has pass many other certification test, so does BSCI factory audit. If you need, we can pass other certifications while cost will be at your charge. We can guarantee our products.

  • outstanding service outstanding service

    JVK INC has a professional salesteam, and any after-service, our salesman will assist with you. Any troubles, we will give our hands and try our best to solve them.

Why Choose JVK INC

We have more than 20-year exprience on faucets manufacturing, products range from kitchen faucets, bath & shower faucets, basin faucets and other supported products. Every faucet has gone through strict inspection, 3-year quality guarantee is a must.

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Here will post some hot products for our customer reference. Products range from kitchen mixer faucets, basin mixer faucets, bath & shower water taps etc. Plz take a look.

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There is some news concerning faucets or JVK INC, we'll update any information about kitchen faucets, basin faucets, bath & shower faucets. Also any field about faucet will be shown on this page.

How to install touchless kitchen faucet
Jan 18, 2022 How to install touchless kitchen faucet
Use a movable faucet to remove bacteria and waste water. It is easy to install and even easier to use. The kitchen faucet is one of the dirtiest places in your home. After handling raw meat or biscuit dough, turn on the tap immediately for dirty hands, and bacteria will spread to the handle. Moreover, unless the faucet is disinfected after each use, dirt will accumulate. Install a hands-free kitchen faucet to permanently remove bacteria. The device is motion activated, so it will record the movement of your hand and turn it on automatically when you need to wash. This is a win-win situation: you will save time and water while promoting your health! In addition, the installation of non-contact faucet is quite simple. What do you need? No-touch faucet and included hardware (we used the Arbor kitchen faucet from Moen) Batteries Drill 3/32 drill bit Screwdriver Adjustable wrench Tape measure Step 1: place the faucet Turn off the hot and cold water supply to the kitchen sink. Remove the old faucet and thread the data cable, hose and handle of the new faucet through the deck gasket. Align with the bottom of the faucet body. Then insert the cable, hose and rod through the mounting hole. If there are multiple holes, install the cover plate. Before continuing, make sure the faucet handle is on the right and the nozzle is facing you. Step 2: fix the faucet Under the sink, slide the support plate onto the cable and then slide the mounting washer onto the faucet handle. Ensure that the data cable and hose are within the curve of the gasket. china automatic sensor faucet factory Screw the mounting nut onto the faucet handle and ensure that the faucet is correctly positioned on the counter or sink. Tighten the nut with the mounting tool provided. Editor's note: insert the screwdriver into the hole at the bottom of the plate. It makes tightening easier. Step 3: install the hose bracket Install the hose bracket approximately 2 inches from the end of the connecting hose. Slide the bracket onto the end of the faucet and secure in place with the hose guide nut. Guide into the faucet spout. Remove the protective cover from the end of the hose and connect it to the faucet with the quick connect line. Simply press, hold and listen for a click indicating a secure connection. Step 4: connect the hose and supply line Connect the hose and oil supply pipe by identifying the corresponding inlet on the control box. Remove the protective caps from the hoses and push each cap into place. Pull gently to ensure that each hose is secure. Connect the hot and cold water supply pipes. china touchless bathroom faucet manufacturer Fix the connection with an adjustable wrench. The connection shall be close, but not too tight. Connect the cold noodles in the same way. Edit tip: make sure the correct water pipe is connected to the correct inlet. To distinguish between the two, note that the hot water supply line has a white label. Step 5: install the control box Install the control box b...
How to choose the best sensor faucet for your business project
Jan 07, 2022 How to choose the best sensor faucet for your business project
Select motion sensor faucets for your project. china touchless bathroom faucet manufacturers Sensor faucets used in restaurants, hotels and other public places must be designed for commercial purposes and should withstand severe wear and tear. At bathselect, we provide a wide range of motion sensor faucets for restaurants and related sinks. You can choose different models and finishes according to your specific project needs and applications. china motion faucet Choosing the right faucet for your sink can turn the sink into a better workstation. We provide a complete set of commercial sensing faucets to meet the needs of most commercial, industrial or residential projects and applications. Whether your application is institutional, academic, medical or residential, you can choose the appropriate hands-free faucet according to your needs. china motion sensor bathroom faucet manufacturers Our full range of single handle products are easier to use. In addition, we also provide gooseneck commercial sensor faucets, which are designed to withstand the most harsh environments and can complete this work every time! We also offer a full range of deck mounted, tailgate, gooseneck, AC and DC powered sensor faucets. The sensor options in the toilet include deck mounted single hole or double hole options. All newly produced commercial faucets comply with ANSI A112. 18.1 and comply with ADA.
 How to solve the problem of leaky tub faucet ?- Part 2
Dec 27, 2021 How to solve the problem of leaky tub faucet ?- Part 2
How to repair a leaking bathtub faucet The maintenance procedure starts with turning off the water in the bathroom. Once you do, you can start. Step 1: determine the valve to be repaired If the faucet has only one handle, it has only one valve, which is the only thing you need to worry about. If the faucet has two handles, only one of the valves may need to be repaired. Feel the temperature of the water dripping from the nozzle. If the temperature is high, repair the hot water valve first. If the temperature is low, start with the cold water valve. If the faucet still leaks after repairing the hot valve or cold valve, china square mixer shower you can repair another one, but you may not have to do so. Step 2: remove the faucet handle Use a slotted screwdriver to lever off the cover so that it hides the handle screws. The fixing screw of lever faucet is usually located directly below the lever. After removing the cover, remove the fixing screws with a cross screwdriver or an Allen key. After unscrewing the screw, the handle can be pulled out directly. If it is not easy to fall off, please use the handle you purchased in advance. Step 3: release the valve The procedure for releasing the valve depends on the faucet type: The compression valve is held in place by a retaining nut that you can unscrew with a pair of sliding joint pliers or adjustable wrench. The ball valve also has a fixing nut that can be screwed off with pliers. Once the nut falls off, the valve ball will fall off from the valve housing. The cartridge valve can be fixed by a fixing nut or clip and removed with pointed nose pliers. Depending on the model, you may have to pull out the lower temperature ring and stop pipe first, and then remove the faucet trim frame before you can access the fixing clip or nut. Disc valves are usually fixed by screws and can be removed with a cross screwdriver. Step 4: pull out the valve If you have a cartridge valve, oem thermostatic shower grasp the valve stem with pliers and pull the cartridge valve directly out of the housing. If the valve core is stuck, do not shake too much, otherwise the valve housing may be damaged. Use the cartridge puller to remove it. Step 5: check the valve Cartridge and ball valves are usually made of plastic, which may break or break. If any defect is found in the valve, replace it with a new one. If there is scale on the valve, but there are no other defects, the scale may cause leakage. Soak the valve in vinegar for several hours to clean the valve. Step 6: replace all rubber parts The rubber parts you need to replace also depend on your faucet type: The compression valve has a rubber gasket at the end of the valve stem. Remove the fixing screw with a cross screwdriver and replace it with the same screwdriver. The ball valve has a spring seat washer in each inlet of the valve seat. Lever out the washer and spring with a screwdriver and replace them. Secure with a screwdriver and push in. The cartridge valve has one or mo...
How to solve the problem of leaky tub faucet ?- Part 1
Dec 19, 2021 How to solve the problem of leaky tub faucet ?- Part 1
Leaking bathtub faucets are annoying, but fortunately, the repair method is almost always very simple DIY: replace worn gaskets, gaskets or O-rings. Even if you don't think you're a home improvement enthusiast, this repair is easy for most homeowners to complete in an hour or two. However, occasionally, the leakage of bathtub faucet is caused by a damaged valve. In rare cases, the pipe breaks and the pipe is behind the wall, which is usually inaccessible without demolition. You need a plumber to fix it, but thankfully, it almost never happens. Ideally, the process of replacing the washer, washer or O-ring of the bathroom faucet will not take much time, but things do not always go smoothly. If you have hard water and the faucet has not been repaired for several years, it is likely that the faucet handle is stuck on the valve stem or the valve itself is welded to the valve housing. When the handle or valve cannot be removed by pulling with fingers or pliers, heavier tools, such as handle puller or valve puller, need to be used. Check whether there is leakage behind the wall The part of the bathtub faucet you can see from the bathroom is known as the tip of the iceberg. The actual valve housing, i.e. cold and hot water, is directed to the bathtub nozzle and shower head and permanently connected to the water pipe behind the bathtub wall. A typical setting includes a cold and hot water inlet pipe - usually 1 / 2 inch copper pipe or PEX - leading to the valve, a copper pipe extending from the valve to the bathtub nozzle, and another copper pipe leading to the shower head. china thermostatic bath mixer factories These parts usually do not leak, but they can. If the water pipe in the bathroom is well designed, there is a panel behind the bathtub wall that can open the valve. If you see water on the floor, you must check the inside of the panel for signs of valve or pipe leakage. If you see water spraying, the best way is to call the plumber as soon as possible before the water may damage the wall frame or floor. If there is no panel, signs of water on the bottom of the wall or on the floor around the bathtub are all the evidence you need to make a phone call. Single handle, double handle and three handle faucets Like sink faucets, bathtub and shower faucets can be operated through one of four different valve mechanisms. The most common is the cartridge, which is a barrel shaped insert with strategically placed holes that can control the water flow when you turn the handle. Bathtub faucets with cartridge valves usually have one handle, but they can also have two handles. When the two handle faucet is equipped with a cartridge valve, you can only turn the handle 90 degrees. Most double handle bathtub faucets have compression valves. When you turn the handle clockwise, the compression valve will be tightened to the seat. When you turn it counterclockwise, it will let the water flow. The old compression valve bathroom faucet sometimes has a third handle to o...
Kitchen Sink & Faucet Ideas & Inspiration
Nov 26, 2021 Kitchen Sink & Faucet Ideas & Inspiration
They might not win the award for the sexiest design elements, but kitchen sinks and kitchen faucets are an integral part of a culinary space and deserve thoughtful consideration prior to purchasing. After all, is there any other area that sees more activity than the sink? We're talking: washing hands, washing dishes, filling pots, emptying pots ... you get the idea. You might not know it, but there are MANY different types of sinks and faucets available in a wide range of styles, materials, configurations, and price points. When selecting these two unyielding features, be realistic about your cook space and work with what you've got. For example, will your sink play a starring role in a chef's kitchen? Or is yours more of a petite space that sees limited traffic? You don't want to install a small single bowl sink in a large kitchen because the proportions will be off and it won't be able to handle the workload. Conversely, an apron front double-sink will look out of place in a tiny galley kitchen. A bit of soul searching will help determine what type of sink and faucet will work for you. Of course, you want your sink area to be an ideal combination of form and function: it needs to look good, AND perform. Not too much to ask, right? Different Types of Kitchen Sinks When it comes to narrowing down your kitchen sink selection, the first question you have to ask yourself is: Do you prefer a single-bowl sink or double? While looks are a big factor in making this decision, you should also think about the way you use your sink. Do you like to multitask in your kitchen sink, washing dishes on one side and rinsing on the other? Or, do you prefer to focus on one culinary task at a time? Also, consider the size of your kitchen. As previously mentioned, a large double sink might look odd in a small kitchenette. Finally, think about the material of your kitchen sink. While stainless steel and porcelain are popular options, there's also the option of an integrated sink, which is made out of the same material as the kitchen countertops. While this look exudes sophistication and luxury, it can become a budget-buster and be difficult to replace if needed, so make sure to weigh the pros and cons. There are three basic ways a sink can be installed: top-mount or drop-in sinks, undermount, and flush-mount. Read on to learn about the pluses and minuses of each. Self-Rimming or Drop-In Kitchen Sink Expand Image Credit: Peter Schweitzer for Hunker Top-mount AKA self-rimming or drop-in sinks are the most common, not to mention, easiest (and most affordable) to install. They involve cutting a hole in your countertop (done by a professional) that will accommodate your sink and then "dropping" it in. Presto! Your sink is caulked with silicone for a watertight fit and held in place by a lip that overlaps on top of the counter. Pros: This type of sink installation is the easiest to perform and generally the most affordable. Cons: Due to the way the sink and counter meet...
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