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Some guide about types of shower

Apr 08, 2022
Consider what water system you have

If you have a gravity water system, such as a fume hood or a hot water tank in an attic, your water pressure will usually be lower. Adding a water pump to the shower will help increase the pressure. If you have a combined boiler or a ventless cylinder, you can opt for a high pressure shower system.

Choose one style of shower

Is your bathroom more modern or classic? Modern showers feature a minimalist design with clean lines and angular forms for an eye-catching look. Pair your contemporary shower with a square shower head for this sleek look. 

If your bathroom design is more classic, a traditional shower like the iflo Kidlington, Heritage Dawlish or Bristan Trinity shower will be the perfect statement, featuring a rain-can shower head and timeless levers that are a period The perfect addition to the property.

Choose one Type of Shower

1. concealed shower

"Concealed" refers to the way the shower valve is mounted on the wall. The working parts of a concealed valve are hidden behind a wall and only the controls are visible. Concealed showers, such as the iflo Abingdon, are a great choice for modern and contemporary bathrooms as they offer a clean, minimalist look.

2. Exposed and bar valve showers

The exposed shower sets valve is mounted on the shower wall. Bar valves are exposed valves that provide both hot and cold water. Watch out for features like cool touch because the valve doesn't get hot, which is great for a family bathroom. Usually like thermostatic shower valve, it also belong to this type.

3. Electric shower

Electric showers like Mira Galena are heated by passing cold water through an electric heating element, which is a great option for bathrooms that don't have a hot water supply. When shopping for an electric shower, be sure to check its wattage to make sure it fits your needs.

4. Digital shower

Digital showers use digital technology to control temperature and flow. The shower can be controlled by the unit itself, or by a remote control or smartphone. Perfect for those days when you want to get your shower hot right out of bed.
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