Germany Standard Deck Mount Chrome Basin Faucet

What are faucets made of?- Part 2

Sep 21, 2021

Unfortunately, the classic American faucet is increasingly not made in America. Some manufacturers have maintained substantial domestic manufacturing but many faucets are now made elsewhere — from China to 

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the Balkans — and merely distributed by American companies under their own brands. ElkayPfisterAmerican Standard, and Eljer, for example, are long-established U.S. manufacturers that no longer manufacture any faucets in the U.S.

As with anything, some faucets are better than others, and price, while generally reflective of quality, is no absolute guarantee. You do not necessarily get a better faucet for more money.

All of the major faucet manufacturers, KohlerMoenPfister, and Delta make mid-priced faucets that are lifetime or near-lifetime products. When you pay more than mid-price ($150-$350) then you are generally buying the cachet of high-style (KWCGraffTotoHansgrohe) or custom hand finishing (THGWaterstoneLefroy Brooks) or both.

These are usually excellent faucets but not necessarily a quantum leap better than major-brand mid-priced faucets. They are produced in smaller runs or even made one at a time as they are ordered, so they do not have the cost savings of large production quantities. Thus the higher price. But, even these are often sharply discounted.

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